Aubrey's Son of a Preacher Man "CHIP"


Born: 2020.09.28

Sire: GCh Springmill Sweet Talkin' Guy
Dam: Ch Aubrey's Doin' It Freestyle ROM


We met Chip's Breeders personally in 2014 and it took 7 years to be able to have a chance to buy a dog from them. For us it was a huge possibility. With Chip amazing bloodlines arrived to Europe which is a real treasure for delicate people. Chip proved his qualities already in junior class in Hungary and then he finished the USA Champion title in 2 months which is a record on it's own. However these are important they would have no value without his amazing personality. Chip has an extraordinary character, he loves all creatures, he has a big heart and great sense of humour. He is not afraid of anything, took it easy to fly back to the USA. He was walking like a king on the airport, jumped on the luggage scale at the check-in desk and was happy to realise all people admire him so much. It is so easy to live with him. His first puppies have very high quality, so we hope he will give us some more lovely surprises in the future.

Show results

  • USA Champion
  • Spanish Champion
  • Latin Winner
  • Club Winner & BOB - HCSC 2022 Club Show
  • Best Male & BOB - HCSC 2022 Speciality Show
  • Hungarian Show Champion
  • Hungarian Champion
  • Román Champion
  • Hungarian Junior Champion
  • Hungarian Puppy Grand Winner
  • 18 x CAC, 15 x CACIB, 22 x BOB, 3 x BOG 1., 6 x BOG 2., 2 x BOG 3.
  • Hajdúdorog CACIB: CAC, CACIB, BOB
  • HCSC Speciality Show: CAC, Best Male, BOB
  • Agard CACIB: 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, BOG 2., BOG 1., RES. BEST IN SHOW
  • HCSC Klubkiállítás: CAC, Klubgyőztes, BOB, BEST IN SHOW
  • Sárvár CACIB: 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, 2 x BOG 1., 2 x BEST IN SHOW 3.
  • Arad CACIB: 4 x CAC, 3 x CACIB, 4 x BOB, 2 x BOG 2., BOG 3.
  • Francia Corgi Klubkiállítás 2022: Open class 1st, CACS
  • RSCE Madrid Winner CACIB: CAC, CACIB, BOS
  • Szilvásvárad CACIB: 3 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, BOG 3.
  • Fehova CACIB : 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB
  • 3 x Best Puppy
  • 12 x HPJ, 12 x Best Junior
  • 4 x Junior BOG 1.
  • 1 x Junior BOG 2.
  • Kecskemet CACIB: 2 x Res.BOG
  • Junior Best in Show 3.
  • Supreme Junior Best In Show 3.
  • 7 x BOB from junior class

Health Results

HD-A, ED-A, OCD clear, DM N/N (clear), vWD1 N/N (clear), EIC clear, CEA/PRA/RD/KAT/PHTVL/PHPV clear


Trefán-Török Alexandra & Trefán Sándor & Cynthia Savioli & Vincent Savioli


Aubrey's Son of a Preacher Man "CHIP"

  • GCH Springmill Sweet Talkin Guy
    • Ch Greenwoods Fame and Fortune
      • GCHB CH Heartsong Brynlea Pavarotti
      • Ch Sandfox Destiny
    • Ch Springmill Take a Bow
      • Ch Dwynella Take a Chance
      • Ch Springmill Concert Soloist
  • Ch Aubrey's Doin' It Freestyle ROM
    • GCHG Ch Nchanted Concerto CGC
      • GCH Ch Sandfox Cadenza
      • Ch Nchancted Silk Teddy
    • GCHP Ch Aubrey's Moon River
      • GCHB CH Heartsong Brynlea Pavarotti
      • CH Aubrey's From This Moment


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