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2017.05.22, Monday - admin

Our kennel was founded in 2000 but the addiction to dogs started much earlier.

By learning pedigrees, bloodlines, visiting hundreds of dog shows and events, visiting leading kennels around the world, talking to many passionate breeders we went into deep levels of the dog world.

Our opinion is that excellent quality, healthy puppies can born only from exceptional parents, so we imported several beautiful dogs from the best bloodlines from all over the world (England, South-Africa, USA, Australia, Russia, Italy) to guarantee a large genetic pool with the real type and character. All our dogs are tested for all genetic diseases which are important for our breeds (HD, eye diseases, DM, vWD, EIC and MDR1 in collies) and we do all our best to guarantee a long and healthy life to all our puppies.

Our dogs are our family members, we keep and raise them with much love and care and we breed according to our high standards, so finding new homes to our puppies is a critical issue for us too.

We also try to keep and preserve their original job, the herding work by practicing with all of them. We organize each year a herding instinct test where all the owners of corgis can test the ability of their dogs which is a great fun event.

Our dogs are very successful on the dog shows too, but our primary goal is to make them happy on their everyday lives, so we give them all the possible best comfort and life and we wait the same from our puppies’ future owners too.

Born To Be dogs can be found on several places around the world and we are so thankful to them because through them we met a lot of fantastic people who became our friends, as everybody who has a dog from us is joining to our big family.

You can learn more about our story here.

Alexandra Trefán-Török & Sándor Trefán

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