The original job of corgis: CATTLE DRIVING

2023.05.02, Tuesday - szandi

The moment when you understand the REAL purpose of your breed is incredible.

Then you understand really all the key words of the General Appearance and Temperament of the standard:
"Low set, strong, sturdily built, alert and active, giving impression of substance and stamina in small space."
"Bold in outlook, workmanlike. Outgoing and friendly never nervous or aggressive"

When you see them working you really understand why they need a powerful, low set and strong body with which it is easy to move between the legs of CATTLES. They must be alert, able to turn quickly otherwise it can result injury or even cost their life.
With cattles you also understand the real corgi EGO. To dominate those 600+ kgs animals they must think they are big and they rule the world.

Yes, corgis are originally cattle herders and however we test their instincts on sheep (and proud to know more than 100 pembrokes with successful FCI NHAT tests in our own kennel) when we saw them work with cattles we could very quickly understood that every part of their body and characteristics are there for a reason. They were not the full-day herding field workers. Their task was to move the cattle out to the field or to the milk factory and navigate them to the markets. Different tasks to the shepherds. Special characteristic which we can still notice is the biting of hocks. Those big animals sometimes needed that extra attention.

Was it frightening to try our show dogs and companions with a group of cattle babies? Oh yes it was. But if I would never try it I would be less with a HUGE experience which really gave me a reason to love even more this breed and respect the traditions and their heritage.

Without looking them WORK, understanding them is not possible.

On the photos:

CHIP - BIS, INTCH, USA.CH, ESP.CH, HCH Aubrey's Son of a Preacher Man - at his age of 2
JOSEPHINE - IntCh Born To Be Madampe Bonaparte at her age os 12
CASSIE - IntCh Born To Be Your Cassiopeia with PIETRA at her age of 11

Photos are from Summer of 2022 by Anna Szabó

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