Hazelmere Victory Heart "Vicky"


Born: 2017.02.27

Sire: Ch. Hazelmere Lord Arcturus
Dam: Hazelmere Darlin Monalisa

Vicky has arrived to us at December 2017 from South-Africa, Hazelmere kennel. We love her color: black-headed tricolor, which is so hard to find. Our hope is to have more dogs in this special color in the future and hopefully she will help us to achieve this goal. Her bloodline is precious for us, many thanks to Kay Roos for entrusting us with this black diamond.

Recommended for breeding

Highly RECOMMENDED for Breeding by the English and Australian Shepherd Dog Club

Health Results

HD-A, CEA/PRA/RD/KAT/PHTVL/PHPV/PPM free, DM +/-, EIC free vWD1 -/- (free), Fluffy free. Character Test: PASSED.


Hazelmere Victory Heart "Vicky"

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