Born To Be Your Signature "Signo"



Sire: BISS Ch. Aubrey's Son of a Preacher Man
Dam: Int.Ch. Born To Be Your Juniper Berry


Since I'm breeding corgis I had a dream. It was a red-white natural bobtail male who is clear for all breed specific health diseases. I had some chances before but none of them succeeded as they should be... until Signo. I didn't let myself to fall in love with him at the beginning. I was suspicious. I checked his coat whether he would be a fluffy or not, prayed for his testicles like crazy. All ok. Then I double checked the results of his parents by testing him and ALL WERE OK! Quite a lot of sweats we had before him but finally here he is. Our wonder boy, SIGNO. We started his life quickly, thrown him in deep water and he took it all easily with maximum results. After earning his Minor Puppy Grand Winner title he crowned that with a MINOR PUPPY BEST IN SHOW on an all-breed show. Then we went to France, to Eurocorgi, to the biggest speciality of the breed. The judge was an English specialist breeder judge who chose him from 8 puppy males to be the first: BEST PUPPY DOG. Amazing! What else could come, we headed to Spain to the World Dog Show in Madrid. We flew there and he took it easy. Still hard to believe but what he did there is a repeated history. He went to be Puppy Best of Group 1. and PUPPY BEST IN SHOW. On an all-breed Madrid Winner Show! I was crying. Napo did the same 14 years ago. And now, with an own-bred male here we are again. To win a Best In Show on a World Show circuit is something like being in a tornado. All the photo shootings, the messages, the phone calls.. people coming to you who you never thought they would know you. The next day on the World Dog Show he went to be PUPPY WORLD PROMISE 2022 and BEST PUPPY. Is there something to top this? What if I say his sister went to be the PUPPY WORLD PROMISE female? And it really happened! We said goodbye to the puppy carreer with a show weekend in Hungary. He got Puppy Grand Winner crowned with Res. Puppy Best In Show and on the HCSC Club Show he won a PUPPY BEST IN SHOW, again! On a speciality this time. Then we headed to the USA to the PWCCA Nationals where he got a beautiful 2nd place in the Puppy Sweepstakes. Coming back home in 3 weekends he collected the International Junior Champion title with Croatian Junior Champion. We closed the year with his hips and eyes checkings which are all excellent. To top it all we tried the herding with him and oh wowww, what a rocket he is! Going crazy for the sheep like a pro. It was a real fun to watch him enjoying his original job.

Show results

  • Hungarian Champion
  • International Junior Champion
  • Croatian Junior Champion
  • PWCCA USA NATIONALS 2022 - 2nd Puppy Sweepstakes
  • PUPPY BISS - HCSC Club Show 2022
  • PUPPY BIS - Madrid Winner CACIB
  • Res.Puppy BIS - Sárvár CACIB
  • MINOR PUPPY BIS - Szilvásvárad CACIB
  • Minor Puppy BIS 3.
  • Hungarian Puppy Grand Winner
  • 6 x VP1, 6 x Best Puppy
  • Hungarian Minor Puppy Grand Winner
  • 3 x VP1, 3 x Best Minor Puppy

Health Results

HD-A, CEA/PRA/RD/KAT/PHTVL/PHPV clear, DM clear, vWD1 clear, EIC clear, Fluffy free, NATURAL BOBTAIL


Born To Be Your Signature "Signo"

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