3rd Corgi Herding Day

2017.05.25, Thursday - admin

3rd Corgi Herding Day
sponsored by the British and Australian Shepherd Dog Club Association of Hungary

Date: 16 April 2016 (Saturday)
Entry deadline: 1 April 2016
Location: Portelek (Szarvas tanya)
Start: 9.30 AM (Meeting: 9.00 AM)
Contact: t.sandra@t-online.hu

Corgi Day Programs:
  • Herding instinct Test (for all those who have never met a sheep before)
  • Corgi Speed Test
  • Corgi IQ Test
  • Bravest Corgi Competition
  • Lunch together
  • Seminar: Path to the Herding Exam
  • Funniest Corgi Dress Competition - Be creative! :)
  • Closing of the event, distribution of the prizes

2 years ago we had an idea and organized the first Corgi Herding Day. Since then it became a famous event and a big meeting point for the Corgis of Hungary and some other countries. This is a day that corgis love and treasure as a great memory, where they can meet with sisters and brothers, parents and other relatives... and of course the sheep. The goal of this day is to preserve the original instincts of this fabolous breed where all attendants can compete with each other, dogs and owners too in a friendly way.
Lots of new interesting programs are waiting for all corgis and corgi lovers!

Come and enjoy this special Corgi Day with us!

Alexandra Trefán-Török & Sándor Trefán

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